Protoynamix - Additive Fertigung

Advanced Manufacturing

Layer by layer your parts are produced on our SLS systems.

20 years of combined experience in the world of additive manufacturing makes Protodynamix to one of the leading companys for prototyping and small-batch production in Europe.

Specialized on the laser-sinter technology with a high number of SLS machines Protodynamix operates on the highest level in terms of speed and quality.


Protoynamix - Spezialisten am Werk

«Specialists at work»

Our employees make the difference!

A passionate team of specialists takes care of your components from the manufacturing process until packaging.

In our business everything is extremely individual and every order requires new solutions. Our employees ensure the outstanding quality that sets us apart from the competition.


Protoynamix - perfekter Finish

«The perfect finish»

From the simple smoothing of the layer steps to a perfectly painted high-gloss component, we offer you the perfect solution for your parts.

Complex or large assemblies are no problem for our specialists.

With years of experience and special technologies, the maximum component size is not limited by the build envelope of the systems.


Protoynamix - Der Hochleistung-SLS Werkstoff.

«P D X - ProtoDynamiX»

The high-performance SLS material.

PDX is characterized by excellent rigidity and outstanding strength with a low weight.

In contrast to many other SLS materials, the surfaces of PDX components can be refined by mechanical postprocessing.



Fields of competence

Advanced Manufacturing - kostengünstig, schnell, grenzenlos

Advanced Manufacturing

Protodynamix offers additive manufacturing on an industrial scale. The tool-free production of components using the selective laser sintering process (SLS) is fast, flexible and not expensive. The technology enables the change from production-oriented to functional design, and this from a quantity of 1 to several thousand pieces.


Modellbau - preissparend, rasch, Prototypen


For us, it is not enough to simply produce the components. We offer you all services in the field of model making. We are your competent partner, from mechanical processing to the finishing of surfaces to complete assemblies.


Engineering – wirklichkeitsgetreue Darstellung von Bauteilen in 3D


Our experienced team of engineers and specialists will be happy to support you on the way from the idea to the product. With the latest tools such as 3D scanning and measuring systems and CAD software, we can offer you everything from reverse engineering to measurement reports.


PDX – ideal für Anschauungsmodelle


PDX, the high-performance laser sintering material. The in-house development from Protodynamix sets new standards in terms of strength and rigidity. Thermal resilience and long-term stability makes PDX to the ideal material for your components.


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more than 24000
per year

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about 140

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SLS systems

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2-3 days
average leadtime