Protodynamix - Die Leistungen



For us, it is not enough to simply produce the components. We offer you a wide range of services in the field of model making.

We are your competent partner, from mechanical postprocessing to the finishing of surfaces to complete assemblies.


We currently offer the following services in our modelshop:


  • Blasting technology with different media to change the surface properties of the components

  • Bonding of components or add-on parts with structural adhesives

  • Manual and machine finishing of the surfaces of additively manufactured components

  • Filling and painting with 1K or 2K paint systems or special paints

  • Infiltration of components with the use of vacuum

  • Assembling of components and functional models

  • Manufacture of turned and milled parts

  • Machine processing of additively manufactured components (turning / milling)

  • Insertion of threaded inserts

  • Labeling and serialization of components using laser engraving

  • 2D water jet and laser cuts


Do you have any questions about our modelshop services? We would be happy to advise you personally.


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