Protodynamix - Das Material



PDX is a carbon-fiber reinforced material based on polyamide-12.

PDX is processed on highly advanced laser-sintering systems from 3D Systems.

The typical application for PDX is the production of highly rigid components for motorsports and automotive applications (e.g. wind tunnel tests), for functional models and Illustrative models as well as for fixtures and gauges.

PDX can be machined (drilling, sawing, milling ...) The surfaces of components made of PDX can be refined by grinding, polishing or coating.


Features of PDX at a glance:

  • Carbon-filled polyamide material

  • High Young`s modulus

  • Conductive material

  • Very good long-term stability

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Surfaces can be refined by grinding, polishing or coating

  • Mechanical post-processing possible (drilling, sawing, milling, lathing)


Production information:

Production technology SLS / 3DSystems sPro230 / sPro140

Build envelope

490 x 490 x 740 X/Y/Z (Spro 230 – 5 pcs)
490 x 490 x 450 X/Y/Z (Spro 140 – 5 pcs)

Layer thickness


Min. wall thickness



+/- 0.2mm or above 100 mm: +/- 0,3 % of the
nominal dimension


Bead blasted
Polished (to Grain 240)
Filled and polished (to Grain 600) painted, infiltrated or metallized

Powder removal

In cavities 2 holes to access the excess powder


Download Datasheet:

Material datasheet PDX in PDF format



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