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TPU is short for thermoplastic urethane and is a urethane-based elastomer.

Our TPU material is processed in the laser-sintering process, which results in components with rubber-like properties.

A typical area of ​​application of TPU is the production of components that should have rubber-like properties but still require a certain dimensional stability. (complex tube geometries, shoe soles, etc.)


Features of TPU at a glance:

  • Elastomer material

  • High elongation at break (500-600%)

  • Very good abrasion resistance

  • Shore A hardness of approx. 90

  • Very good long-term stability


Production information:

Production technology SLS / 3DSystems ProX500

Build envelope

330 x 280 x 440 X/Y/Z (ProX500 – 2 pcs)

Layer thickness

0.1mm - 0.15mm

Min. wall thickness



+/- 0.3mm or above 100 mm: +/- 0,3 % of the
nominal dimension


Bead blasted

Powder removal

In cavities 2 holes to access the excess powder


Download Datasheet:

Material datasheet TPU in PDF format


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